Thursday, January 22, 2009

Dumpster Daddy

Some friends and I were taking advantage of the warm weather today to get in a round of disc golf.

I noticed that disc golfers leave a tremendous amount of garbage behind. Mostly empty beer cans. After everyone went back to work, I had the grand idea that I would clean up the course and make some money in the process. Times are tough and every cent helps. So inspired by a woman named "Dumpster Muffin", I enlisted the help of the wife and child and off we went. I was able to get a full bag full of aluminum cans. My wife on the other hand, she managed to track down 1 can.

The recycle machine is on the way home...unfortunately it was busted. With the help of google we found another location not too far away.

The final tally....40 cents.

That equals about 20 cents an hour. Just slightly less then my day job. Not enough to pay for our new baby.