Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mothers Day 1.0

Last year my wife was pregnant for mothers day so that was mothers day .5, this year im calling it mothers day 1.0. Andrew wrote his mommy a nice little letter saying how thankful he is for all that Amanda does for him.

Lately the Chizzlewick blog has had the spirit of telling everyone how wonderful we we would like to extend that to the Chizzelwick grandmothers. Amanda and I are truly blessed to have been born into families with loving mothers, so we take the opportunity to thank MammaMo and Grandsmomma Chadwick for all they have done for us. You both are special to us and it pains us that we cannot be with you today. Thanks for all you've done and continue to do for the Chizzelwicks.


Curt, Amanda and Andrew


Smoma Chadwick said...

Having kids like Amanda and Curt is such a blessing. Having Andrew for a grandson, now that is over the top! Being a grandma is the VERY BEST.

Jay and Shannon said...

I LOVE the pic of all of you sporting the pacifiers! You Chizzlewicks are so funny! :)

Happy Mother's Day to my best buddy, Mandy! :)