Monday, June 23, 2008

Hiyadoin Joe!

Today I was sitting in a pizzeria in Westchester (outside NYC) chewing on a slice of what may qualify as the best pizza I have ever eaten when the skipper for the New York Yankees (worlds #1 franchise) walks by with his kid. I nearly choked when he looked over and waved at a couple guys sitting at the table next to me. One says to the other "Yanks have an off day today" and they go back to their conversation.


Jay and Shannon said...

OH, to have been a fly on the man's pizza next to you to see the look on your face when you saw him walk by :)

Oh, and did you stash some of that pizza in your luggage to bring home? :) j/k Wow, NYC, huh? Sweet!!

Fedorajon said...

Very cool man. How was the NYC?

Courtney said...

Your blog is the only blog I read faithfully. I love to get the updates on three of my favorite people. Love to you all.

curt chadwick said...

Shannon- no i didn't stash any of that pizza, I should would be 4 days old now and still taste like the best pizza ive ever eaten in my life.

Jon- i didnt make it to the city, Mandy is going next week though, you can ask her.

C Nuggs- the chizzlers love you too, its good to hear from ya, im sorry I havent been updating faithfully, i have been all of too busy, never home and not inspired lately.