Tuesday, October 7, 2008

No Rest for the Weary

Seems like we have been going non-stop for a month. Couple weeks ago the chizzlewicks attended my good friend Rich's wedding in St Michaels Md. It was easily the most beautiful wedding I have ever attended. Drew was a hit with all the ladies, and it was a good substitute for my 10 yr HS. reunion. I cant believe its been that long. Pictures of the event (including one of my lovely and my son) are here.

Since then we were on the road for a couple weeks including a couple days with Mamo in FL. Again it was good to see family. Unfortunately Andrew has shown some signs of regression. We notice that at times he appears to be zoned out...he will stare to his right and seems to "lose it" for about 10 seconds before he snaps out of it. He will do it about three times in a row before he starts acting normally. We called the Dr so tomorrow we go in for an EEG and a 24hr evaluation. Updates to follow.

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Jason and Vanessa said...

Vanessa told me a couple of days ago about those little "zone outs" Andrew is having, and the same day Destinee told me about a student in her class having seizers in class. Oh my heart broke for both Andrew and that student.

We will continue to pray and hope in Jesus Christ. How we long for the day when all things are make right and we know they will be on that day.

"...far as the curse is found."

Soli Deo Gloria!

jason d.