Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Hard Day Part 2

Today I broke just about every piece of yard equipment I own.

For a couple weeks now I have been unable to start my mower. (magnify the picture 1000x and you can read GTS-Guaranteed to Start written next to TORO) This morning I was tinkering with the carburetor (like I have any idea how it works or what might be wrong). As im loosening what appears to be an important bolt/valve/piece, it shears off completely. So I have taken a bad situation and made it worse. Sweet.

I figure at least I can weed-wack, then I will borrow my buddies mower. I go out to the shed to get the string trimmer. Im greeted there by a maggot infested rat and its awful stench. After fighting back vomit chunks and poking around some more, I find his half decomposed brother nestled into my jeep soft top. Apparently before they died, the two of them thought it would be a good idea to chew holes in it.

I clean out the shed and get to work with the string trimmer. About half way through the front yard, it inexplicably stops working...ok???

Well at least my hedge trimmer still works. Maybe I can at get something done after all...As I am trimming the overgrown hedges in my front yard, I accidentally sever the only extension cord I own. Oops...It gets better. When I unplug the the cord, somehow it tears male end of the trimmer's plug completely out...trashed.

Thankfully, my neighbor friend let me borrow his nearly new mower..i didnt feel so bad when the little flap that keeps the grass from flying everywhere broke off. Apparently it was already busted.


Jay & Shannon said...

Wow! That is a hard day! We hope that by the end of the day, you were able to just laugh at the ridiculousness of it all! Man! We have an extension cord or two we'd like to donate to you, and Jay says he'll take you to Sam's to get a Honda (and I assume you know what that means....), if you are going to buy one. He doesn't know if you have a Sam's card or not.

Oh, to be a fly on the wall of your garage and shed today.... :) It's probably a good things those rats were already dead when you found your jeep top!

Sorry it was rough and that it was a Hard Day, part 2. We continue to pray for you guys and for little Scribbins.

We love you guys!
The Sapps

Stephanie Rohloff said...

That is, sorry to say...hilarious! I know it was hard for you...but man, I needed that laugh! Thanks to the dead rats and broken tools...

You know when I was a kid, days like that one were my Dad's favorite...He loved buying new tools, especially with a good excuse. SO have fun at the Depot...

By the Way, there is a guy in Haltom City that fixes lawn equip., I think inexpensively...I don't remember his name, he is on Belknap, near where we used to live. He fixed our first mower, then we were given a new one. Chris might remember more info on that...

Andrew said...

It seems that the old addage "when it rains, it pours" came true to you the other day - sorry to hear about your frustrations.

The maggot story brings back memories. I buddy of mine from Central America ate a pastalito which was laced with those little creatures! He said they tasted like chicken! (He really did not say that, but he did eat them, not knowing they were there).

Praise God that today is a new day!
May we press on knowing that we do not walk alone, even when the floor starts caving in from underneath us.

You are loved and prayed for, Brother CAC.