Monday, April 7, 2008

Hard Day

Andrew went in today for scheduled surgery to repair a minor birth defect on his pee pee. As any dude will tell you, there is no such thing as minor surgery when it comes to that part of the male anatomy. He has been in tremendous pain and discomfort all afternoon which has been difficult for all involved. For those who pray, please do so that he may have a speedy recovery.

He also had a follow-up MRI. I will post updates as they come available.



Jay & Shannon said...

Hey Chizzlewicks,

Our prayers are with you guys. As a fellow male, Jay sympathizes with Scribbins. And Jadyn is cheering for his speedy recovery so they can enjoy tummy time together again soon.
We love you guys,

The Sapps

RYANuran said...

poor guy... if you are planning to come to bible study tomorrow you could bring it with you... if not, wednesday or sunday is fine... whatever works for you man...

Andrew said...

¡Buenos Dias Familia Chadwick!

I will pray for Drewski - that he will be comforted in his pain.

Much love to you all,

Stephanie Rohloff said...

We were thinking about you and praying all day yesterday! I hope that today is better...How is he? Did the anesthesia wear off yet? I am sure he is much pain...poor baby, but better now then later...right?

amanda said...

Hey Mandy and Curt,

I am praying for my little Drew and that he will heal quickly. I am also praying for strength from Lord for you!

Love you!

curt chadwick said...

Thank you faithful Chizzelwick blog readers,

Drew started feeling better pretty much as soon as we got him home yesterday. He sleeps a lot, which is nice and is able to take his medication. He is even starting to play again..a wonderful thing to see!