Monday, March 24, 2008

Hymage Homage

I recently made a compilation of my favorite gospel tunes. These songs speak to me like nothing else has. This is my list, what is yours? What do you think am I missing?

1 O Come and Mourn with Me Awhile - Sandra McCracken, Indelible Grace
2 Alas and Did My Savior Bleed - Greg Thompson, Indelible Grace
3 Christ, the Lord, is Risen Today - Jill Phillips
4 Jesus, I My Cross Have Taken - Christ Community Church, Indelible Grace
5 His Love Can Never Fail - Matthew Smith
6 Thou Lovely Source of True Delight - Jars of Clay
7 Hark, the Voice of Love and Mercy - Red Mountain Music
8 The Lord will Provide - Matthew Smith
9 Not What My Hands Have Done - Taylor, Indelible Grace
10 Windows of Thy Grace - Red Mountain Music
11 What Wondrous Love is This - Jill Phillips
12 On Jordan’s Stormy Banks I Stand - Jars of Clay
13 All I Owe - Matthew Smith
14 Jesus Precious Blood - Red Mountain Music
15 I Boast No More - Caedman's Call
16 For All the Saints - Dan Haseltine, Indelible Grace

If you haven't gotten a copy and would like one, please let me know.


Anonymous said...

No. 6 - by Jars of Clay? I prefer the Matthew Smith version....having said that, I haven't heard the Jars of Clay what do I know?

No. 13 - I've totally worn this one out, you know he's done two versions, right? (One for his EP and one for the full length).

And yes, I would like a copy...and I'll give you one

curt chadwick said...

I dont think ive heard the M. Smith version of sure its good.

All I owe is excellent, I like both versions...the album of the same name is stellar.

email me you address..or ill just give it to you next time i see ya ...which is like once every six months or so..


RYANuran said...

Hey man was this the cd in mandys crv? im hooked and want a copy! hows andrew doin?

curt chadwick said...

It is, remind me next time i see you...or swing by and pick up a copy. Andrew is having a rough day...see todays blog.