Monday, March 10, 2008

The Man in the Plain White Tee

The wife and I met up with some friends Saturday night to catch Derek Webb and his 12 string guitar belt out some thought provoking tunes.

The venue was a new hipster coffee bar/church?? called mokah down in Deep Ellum. I was quite impressed with the sound quality and the atmosphere. Highlights of the evening for me were as follows:

1. A night out with friends minus our "bundles of joy"

2. His cover of Dylan's "God on our side" This is a song I vaguely remember listening to sometime in high school (my gosh 10 yrs ago). I am glad he chose it as it played into my recent wrestling with the issue of war and justice. Is God on our side? Perhaps the better question, are we on His?

3. His performance of "Savior on Capital Hill" It was a timely reminder in this politically charged hour, that despite all the promises and even their best intentions, no President will solve our problems. He said something to the effect that if you wanna make lasting change, get to know 8-10 people that live right outside your front door. As always, Thank you Derek for taking me out of my comfort zone. You can listen to it and some of his other stuff here.


Andrew said...

And what would it look like if our lives were aired on the 5 oclock news - for all to see!

"The House Show" Derek Webb

A poweful question!

Carissa said...

Well said.