Sunday, February 24, 2008

Leonard Coughlin 1921-2008

Amanda's grandpa and Andrew's great grand-daddy Leonard passed away this week in his hometown outside Oklahoma City. I had the pleasure of spending some time with Leonard over the past few years, getting a taste of his happy-go-lucky-nature. In the short time I knew him, I discovered we had much in common. Both of us being born and raised in New England, we settled in the southwest after meeting the women of our dreams. During the second world war Leonard served in the Army Air Corp in Italy wrenching on B-17s. This just so happens to be my favorite vintage aircraft. Every time Amanda and I would go visit Grandpa Leonard, I would ask him to tell me all about the B-17s during the war. Without fail, His eyes would light up as he would tell me the story of how they made him a turret mechanic when he couldn't keep from getting airsick (he wanted to be an aerial gunner). After the war, He learned the lost art of watch repair (horology) and supported his wonderful family (pictured below). Leonard is loved by many and will surely be missed. I was reminded by his funeral that those in Christ never have to say goodbye.

(Wife Stephanie with Baby Boomers: Top, L-R Angie, Jeannie, Michele, Betsy, Pat (holding Danny) Front, Nina and Timmy

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Anonymous said...

You did a great job on Grandpa's blogspot! I did get a chance to tell him we would see him again in heaven at the Center Gate-West Wall.
You are so right.....those in Christ will never have to say goodbye!