Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Andrew and His Namesake

We visited Andrew twice today. We had a plesent surprise this morning. Waiting in the NICU was the very man we named our son after...the one the only Andrew John Tomlet! We got there at about 11am and the nurses said he had been waiting since about 6am..haha! Unknown to us Andrew flew up the night from his native land of Panama to check in on us. Just another answer to prayer...so after shedding some tears in the lobby we scrubbed in and went back to check on baby Andrew. He had another good night! I cant even remember the last time he had any seizure activity..and i dont care to...i think it has been at least 3-4 days..i dont really know they have all run together! Andrew is still sleepy although he was more active the second visit of the day...he was however able to wake up just enough to take mommas milk from the bottle and then the breast. Tonight he opened his eyes briefly and made some cooing sounds. I know i will regret this but i can not wait to hear Baby Andrew cry at the top of his lungs...i know he can, i heard it in the operating room and i wanna her it again. His doctor says being able to feed normally is a big step. Once he is eating normally and seizure free, we have our ticket outta here...if we stay on this track we could...i stress COULD be home this weekend. Please pray for this! I am trying not to get my hopes up but i know with God all things are possible. He is doing amazing things. His perfect love has cast out all fear! Thank you again to all who are praying for my family. You are all such a blessing...as I said the response has been astonishing, there are no words to describe it, I am forever in your debt.

It has been pointed out to me the meaning of the name Andrew:
Andrew - from the Greek, "man warrior."
Alan - from old German, "precious."

Andrew of the New Testement led his brother Peter to the Lord Jesus...Andrew pictured above did the same for me...I know God will use Baby Andrew Alan the precious man warrior for his Glory!


Smoma Chadwick said...

Curt, Mandy, Andrew and Andrew, Thanks for the update. We love you all and will see you soon. As always you are in our thoughts and prayers.

Jason + Vanessa Delgado said...

wow, that is hXc!

Soli Deo Gloria!

jason d

Kay Hunter said...

Curt and Mandy,
I am praying for you and your little Angel Andrew! He is so adorable. I have been where you both are now (somewhat) and it is scary! If I can offer any advice or just lend you an ear, please call me! Amy C. has my number! I want to prepare a meal for you as well. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!
Kay Hunter

Juan and Lorena said...

Praise God, for what he is doing with baby Andrew. We have faith that just as Andrew let his brother Peter to the Lord, baby Andrew wll lead many to feet of our amazing God, Christ Jesus.
Love in Christ,
Juan & Lorena

vmiller said...

We have been praying for Andrew's recovery here at South Birdville. We are so excited to hear of the steps to recovery little Andrew has made. We sure miss Mandy and wish your family all the best. We all know God has great things in store for this little guy! We cannot wait to meet sweet baby Andrew. Send Mandy all our love and know we lift your family up in prayer daily!! God is good....ALL the time. Love, Vicki

Jay & Shannon said...

WOW! That is such a cool story that Andrew was waiting for you guys!!! I love it! I love your blogs, Curt! Keep them coming when you can :)

We love you!
Tha Sapps!

curt chadwick said...


Thanks, cant wait to see you tomorrow.


you are going to have to translate hXc for me


Thanks, its nice to hear from you. I think we have meals covered for a while at least, thank you for the offer.

Juan Lorena

You are a family we look up to, I want Andrew to speak Spanish so he can share the Gospel with people that I cant.


Thank you for your kind words, I know mandy misses the kids at south birdville, we will be back.


You rock, give Jayden..(i hope im spelling that right) a big kiss from Baby Andrew!