Saturday, December 15, 2007

Baby Andrew is Home

The picture says it all...thank you all who have been following Andrew's progress and praying for his recovery..Your prayers have shaken heaven and He has responded! In the future I will update the blog every so often because while every Drew Poo may be exciting, it may not be worth a blog entry.


Jay & Shannon said...

I think every Drew Poo is worth a blog entry....and Jadyn agrees...she wants the scoop on her new buddy :)

Chris Rohloff said...

Praise God!
.. however I disagree.. I want to know about every poo!! ... I am a dad too you know.. I enjoy a good poo story!

-Chris Rohloff

curt chadwick said...


Drew Poo is a yellow mustard like substance foul enough to peel the paint of a wall.

Amanda Dangler said...

PRAISE GOD! Drew is home! I was just praying for you guys on my way to work this morning as I passed "Drew St." Love you all!


Chris and Stephanie Rohloff said...

I am so excited! What a wonderful weekend you all must of had! What a joy and testimony of God's Great Power Andrews life is! I am so blessed to know him...sort of, we actually haven't met yet!

Stephen said...


your dad has kept us updated on how you all are doing - we've said many a prayer for your family. We are so happy to see that your little guy is doing so well and you look great! I can't even imagine what you guys have been through and being a mom, just the thought brings me to tears. I'm just so happy that you have Andrew home with you and things seem to be going better. After reading your posts - I feel so uplifted by your faith. I also gave my rowdy boys an especially big hug this afternoon.

We ran into your dad today - it was so good to see him. Your mom and dad are very special to us - you all are.

Andrew is just precious and couldn't have a better mom & dad. Mike told us how handsome he is - and sure enough he is a very fine looking fellow.

We'll continue to hold you all in our thoughts and prayers - God Bless!

Steve & Missy Radle