Friday, December 14, 2007

Sing Praise

I just wanted to let all the faithful followers of Andrew know that he had yet another fantastic day. We are planning on spending the night with him in the Hospital tomorrow. They have special rooms set up to prepare parents to take care of their littles ones just before they go home. So yes, Andrew should be coming home sometime on Saturday!!! This makes us very fact this makes me want to sing praise! What I really want to do is have a humongous feast and celebration and just worship the Lord until I fall over....but thats not what is going to be best for fact he needs to avoid loud environments for some much for that idea. So instead I really feel like some time of quiet, intimate worship. If you would like to do that with me and can carry a tune let me know...even if you cant carry a tune lets do it anyway. Tomorrow I will be four years old in the Lord and I have never had a heart to worship like the one I have right now.



Snibblets said...

Another cute picture! I like the little airplane outfit. Taking after Papa!

I'm so happy he gets to come home this weekend!!! Yipppie!

Lots of love,
Auntie Snibs

Tafe said...

Curt, Amanda and Drew,

It is so nice to continue to see the great progress Drew is making through the pictures you post. Drew is beautiful and has the best of both of you in his face. I can't wait to meet him and see you with your new baby boy.
We continue to pray for Drew's continued progress and homecoming!

Dana looks forward to cooking for all of you when we visit.

Your faith is strong and will continue to guide you down this new chapter of your lives.

We love you all, God Bless!


Juan and Lorena said...

WHAT AN AMAZING GOD WE HAVE! We have tears of joy, thanks to God that Lord willing finally ya'll have Andrew with you at home. It's unexplainable what you feel to wake up every morning and see your little ones next to you. What a blessing. We know ya'll will be excellent parents.

Love always,
Juan and Lorena

Kay Hunter said...

Well, it is true what they say: our God is an awesome God! Andrew is truly a miracle as are all of God's children! I will continue to ask others in my family (Louisiana) to pray for you all and they will be overjoyed with this great news! Keep the faith and have a very, Merry Christmas!
Kay and Tony Hunter

randakaiser said...

Mandy and Curt,
Amanda sent me your blog site and told me about Drew. I am so happy to hear he is making such wonderful progress everyday. I have been thinking about you guys a lot and sending good energy and wishes your way.

Congratulations on entering the wonderful world of parenthood. It is the most amazing experience. I just know you will both make great parents to Drew.

Hopefully we can get the boys together when Amanda comes back out to visit!

Take care - Rachel Kaiser

Jay & Shannon said...

your blogs continue to move me, Curt! I can't help but cry tears of joy as I read your heartfelt reports and progress! Praise the Lord!!!

We would love to come worship with you! Just let us know when!

We love you!
The Sapps

curt chadwick said...


Thank you, we cant for you to meet him, he keeps asking about you!


The same goes for you, Children are a blessing from the Lord, I think I hear Daner applying some pressure to get started...

Juan and Lorena-

I look forward to laying hands on Baby Andrew with you.


Thank you again...Baby Andrew is closer to being Cajun now than a yankee!


Thanks so much for the kind words, Amanda was encouraged by your story and your blog....yes we will have to get together again soon. Boys rock!


All we can do is Praise Him!!

Tune your harps anew, ye seraphs;
Join to sing the pleasing theme;
Saints on earth and all in heaven,
Join to praise Immanuel’s name.
Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
Glory to the bleeding lamb!