Thursday, December 13, 2007

Open your eyes

Andrew had another great day today. When we visited him tonight they had moved him from Room 4 to Room 3. Room 4 is where they put the more "critical" kids and they eventually work down to 1 before they go home. So far Andrew is beating all expectations. He in now totally off Dialantin, the heavier seizure medication. He still has a "maintenance" dose of Temebarbatol (spelling?) but that level is down enough were he is much more active then he had been. On both of our visits he nursed normally. This kid has quite an appetite! He is moving around normally and most important has not shown any seizure activity since someime last weekend...He is now able to regulate his body temperature so he is in a normal crib. In about 45 minutes Andrew will be 1 week old...woo hoo! I am thankful to God for the progress he has made and to all the nurses and doctors who care for him as they would their own. Those of you who have kids...thank God for them. I literally cant wait until Andrew keeps us up all night long crying. I look forward to it. I have met many worried parents and seen many sick kids. You dont end up in the NICU because you are doing well. Privacy is a big issue in the NICU but I can see and have shared in the pain of parents whos children are sick. I also have felt the comfort from that can only come from above. The Apostle Paul uses a lot of words (he tends to do that) in 2 Cor 3-7 to describe what im going through right now. Hopefully someday...or right now God will use this experience in my life so that I may be used of Him to comfort others.



Jason + Vanessa Delgado said...

wow! i am literally rejoicing in my little cubicle! i can't even imagine how many people have been praying for little Andrew. May God bless Him and make him His own.

The more pics I see of him the more he looks like Mandy to me.

Soli Deo Gloria!

jason d.

Joy said...

Curt & Mandy,
He is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! So, so precious! I'm so excited for you both to watch him as he grows up in the Lord! What an amazing blessing!

Cary Chadwick said...

Yay! It's so good to see the little bugger wiggling around. And those big bright blue eyes! What a heart breaker this kid's going to be!

I'm so glad he's feeling better. I can't wait to meet baby Drew!

Sending warm happy thoughts,
Auntie Snibs (with love from James and sticky licks from Summit too!)

Juan and Lorena said...

What a blessing!! It is wonderful to hear how God has touched Andrew. We rejoice with the great news. We imagine how you feel to see how the Lord bless Andrew everyday. Praise God!!

Juan and Lorena

Chris Rohloff said...

Praise God... My dancing is making the walls shake!!
Drew has the most beautiful eyes...
We are overjoyed!! OVERJOYED!!