Monday, December 10, 2007

Home at last

Sorry its been so long since the last update, at the suggestion of my lovely wife i have now decided to create this Blog to post updates on Andrew's condition. We just got home from the hospital, it has been over 1 week since we left home and it sure feels good to be back. I have never seen JAX (our german shepard) so excited to see us in my life. We sure are sad Andrew is not with us but if he had been here he probably would have been licked to death. Speaking of Andrew....he has been seizure free for over 48 hours...woo hoo, Praise God...unfortunately he has been very sedated. Today they are taking him off one of his seizure medications and lowering the dosage on the other, We pray that when he comes to the seizures a thing of the past. I am confident that the Lord will complete the good work that he has started in my Son. I will never be able to thank all those who have lifted up Andrew in their prayers. All I can say is i am astonished at the response we have gotten from people litterly all over the world! We have a long way to go, i will do my best to let you all share in his progress..that is the least i can do. Again thank you for all your love, dedication and support, we are truely blessed.

Curt, Amanda and Andreeeeew!


Chris and Stephanie Rohloff said...

Praise the Lord! I can't wait to meet baby Andrew. We will pray that the seizures are a thing of the past. We love you guys.

Courtney said...

there are lots of good thoughts and prayers coming from the So Cal area. I even went to church myself to send some of them..

Love you guys,

Jay & Shannon said...

We are blessed to be a part of the Chizzlewick family's lives. We continue to pray for all of you. We are glad you guys are home and pray for Andrew to soon join you!

We love you!

curt chadwick said...

Chris & Steph

Thank you guys we love you too, Im not sure I have ever prayed with anyone so passionate in prayer as Chris Roholoff, you are a son of thunder!


Thank you so, much there is power in prayer! we love you and miss you so much! I think that little Andrew is gonna be a surfer..Hes got the wavy blond hair with natual higlights and blue eyes...California Dreamy!

J and Shay Sapp

We love you guys too, Im not sure we have had friends so dedicated for so long to us here in Tejas! What a blessing!

Chris and Sara said...

Mommy, Daddy and Baby Andrew, we love ya'll so much! There are many folks here in CA praying for you guys, so we appreciate the updates.

Andrew, you are so precious and beautiful...we can't wait to meet you little dude. You are fearfully and wonderfully made!!

Love ya'll!
Uncle Chris and Auntie Sara

Jason + Vanessa Delgado said...

Andrew is a precious one, and I thank God that he has such godly parents like y'all.

i am also glad to hear y'all are at home now.

we will continue to lift you guys up in prayer. we love y'all

Soli Deo Gloria!

jason d.

p.s. Curt, I just realized one of the CD's I had lent you (the new igrace) didn't have the disk in it, cause it was in my car. dis! i'll have to drop buy and let you listen to it, it is so good.

Cara Terreri said...


We are glad to hear you are all home and in good spirits. We've been keeping your family in our thoughts and prayers; it seems like everyone else has too! Congrats on the new baby, There are many wonderful times ahead. Take care.

Terreri Family (Jason, Cara, & Evan)

Laurie said...

Guess this is the best way to contact you! Glad for the good news! You are in our prayers also. Much love, Aunt Laurie & Sarah

curt chadwick said...

Chris & Sara

Thank you guys so i miss the guys win the prize for best Christmas card every year, just got ours and you win hands down...I know we havent gotten many yet but you win anyway. Love ya


Thanks agian you guys so important to us. I just walked by your new house...its just on the other side of the block!!. it looks great, i cant tell you how good it makes me feel to have have you guys so close...i pray that this deal gets done with no far as forgetting the new Igrace...thats not easily forgivable J/ looking forward to hearing it!


Thank you its nice to meet you. I ran into some ops agents in ATL the other week having lunch, I asked them if they new Jason and Matt Cofelt...of course they did...plz send them my always keeping my eye out for them when im in ATL.

Laurie and Sarah,

Thank you for your kind words...I am itching to get to UTAH! Please give everyone my regards. BTW if Andrew happened to be a girl he would have been named Sarah!

Gary & Becky said...

curt, mandy and Baby Andrew,

hello from aunt becky (and uncle gary). i'm glad we now have a way to contact you.

congratulation on the birth of Andrew Alan Chadwick! what a beautiful name and a beautiful little boy. i love "chizzelwick"!

you seem to have a wonderful support system of friends and family who will strengthen you in the Lord. we add our prayers to all the others and know that God knows what he is doing and that he sent your son to you because he knew you would give him the best of care. Drew is a special gift to special parents and the years will only make it clearer to you.

God bless your all. may your little angel come home soon.

Tafe said...

Curt, Amanda and Baby Drew,

All of us in NY continue to pray for all three of you. We know Drew is in the best of hands and will bring you both much love and joy. We can't wait to meet your precious son and see you both.

We love you,
Tafe and family

Russell said...

What a beautiful baby boy. My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family. I know we are in Houston but if you ever need is just a car drive away...and you know I like to drive.


Fedorajon said...

I can not wait to meet lil Andrew. He is so handsome and I know the Lord has all of y'all in His arms and hands! Curt I figure that Andrew already has his first Yankee outfit for next season ;) Jenn and I continue to pray for all three of you!

Love you my friends!
Jon Craver

Juan and Lorena said...

God is good!! Baby Andrew is so handsome. You all are a blessing to us. Know that Andrew is being lifted in prayers by the spanish service and our brothers in Christ.God Almighty, our Doctor will finish the work of healing he has started in baby Andrew.
Love you guys,
Juan and Lorena

Brenda said...

Hello to Curt and family!
Wow, it has been a while. I received the link from Ann, and wanted to send you my love and support. I sincerely hope Baby Andrew gets better soon and can come home to his new family!
Take care,
Brenda Wilmot

curt chadwick said...


Thank you for the kind that I have a family of my own im ready for a classic Culbertson family reunion! I sure do miss the big West, i cant wait to get Andrew up there to meet you all


Thanks Again, I still cant stop thinking of Daners cooking...if i tell Baby Andrew about it maybe he will want to come home.


Thanks for the offer, I know you like driving if your ever in town be sure to let me know. In Zax


Thank you and yes he does have his first Yankee dont think id raise him up to like the rangers did you?

Juan Lorena-

We love you guys.

Brenda Wilmottie!!-

Its wicked awesome to hear from ya. Im suprised your not hired at United yet! Thanks for the kind words. Hope all is well.

Sara said...

Praise the Lord for Andrew's progress!!! Waahoo! We are so excited he is getting to nurse normally!

And Andrew (the big one) you sure know how to bless! What an awesome story that is and will be for years to come!

God is so good and we will continue to lift ya'll up!

I have been going through a Bible Study on Nehemiah recently and a verse reference in Jeremiah just struck may seem so simple but the Lord just spoke powerfully...

"Behold, I am the Lord, the God of ALL flesh. Is there anything too hard for Me?" (Jer. 32:27)

We love you and we know that the God of all flesh, over All things, is with you! He loves little Andrew so much and there is NOTHING too hard for Him! Praise God for Room #3!!! Praise God for Nursing, and lower doses of Meds, Praise God for no seizures...We Praise God with you in every Victory, sweet friends! We love you all!! Sooo Much!

Chris and Sara

Anonymous said...

Thanks to God that baby Andrew is healing and you all can enjoy home sweet home again. My friends, family and I will continue to pray for you and yours! Love yas, Lindsay.

Laurie said...

You should have sweet Andrew at home by now. I am so grateful that you have been so blessed. Yes, it is painful to see others suffer, yet that may be their test of faith. Any encouragement we give or expressions of our own faith can help. I was just thinking of you and pray that all is well for Andrew's first night at home. Tell Grandpa and Grandma (Nana?) Chadwick hello for me and share my love with them.

Ann and Don Bergonzoni said...

Yeah! Andrew is home and in the arms of his loving parents. Heaven was VERY noisy with all the prayers and God listened to our prayers and knew what was in our hearts.
Now, it will indeed be a very Merry Christmas and the happiest of new years! You are abundantly blessed!
Ann and Don